Friday, May 22, 2009

bittersweet goodbye

One of my best friends is moving to Florida on Monday. Shelly, Michelle and I have been best friends since freshman year of college. We were separated for one year post-college and then we all ended up in Dallas. Now, Shelly is chasing her dream of becoming a physician's assistant and heading to school in Orlando. We are having a slumber party tonight to say our see-you-laters. While I am super duper excited for my sweet friend, I'm also sad to know I won't be able to see her whenever I want.

I'm sending her off with prayers and thoughts for success, happiness, strength, patience, grace, good health, safety and for her to be surrounded by good people. I love you Shell Bell!

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Kristin said...

My ladies and I are all over the country now. PA, FL, TX and VA. It just make our reunions even sweeter!