Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hello and goodbye

Last night my sweet husband told me he had a surprise that was going to make me very happy! He said it had to do with a TV show. This confused me - like I wrote about before, there is only one show I can't tear myself away from, and that's So You Think You Can Dance. Hmmmmm, what was he talking about? He gave me a hint: PD.
GASP! Could it be true?
I have to admit, there was one other show that stole my heart a couple of years ago. Like many TV shows with low ratings, it was sent to TV show heaven.

Pushing Daisies was whimsical in every sense of the word - the characters were lovable, the wardrobe was gorgeous and the plot was unlike anything else on TV! I had a major girl crush on Anna Friel, who played the lead character Chuck.

Much to my delight, the show is coming back for three final episodes, starting this Saturday, giving us one final glimpse of the magical world and enchanting characters!

Photos via The FilmPhile, Honey nor Honeybee

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