Tuesday, May 19, 2009

not so mellow yellow

I'm loving the color yellow lately! Summer is basically here in Dallas and what better way to usher in the warm sun than with an homage to the bright star's beautiful color!

I can always count on Banana for a cute dress or two and this one is no exception!

I'd love to wear this aptly named, Here Comes the Sundress to one of Dallas' Shakespeare in the Park performances. A picnic basket with wine and cheese are the perfect accessories!

I love to browse Shopbop even though most of their stuff is well out of my price range, much like this super cute linen dress with hidden polka dots!

I found this dress a while ago and forgot to note where it is from - if anyone knows, let me know! I want to buy it and wear it to a wedding we are going to this summer! I heart the ruffle neckline.

So, this last one is definitely a splurge I could never justify, but WOWZA, what a bananas (no pun intended) dress from J. Crew!

All this summer talk makes me want a beach, a floppy hat, an umbrella drink and my favorites!

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Summer, 26 said...

I love that I'm my very own 'label' for this one. SUMMER IS HERE! (mostly)... more importantly, when will ERICA get here? (lovin' the blog too. Miss you!)