Tuesday, May 26, 2009

shag-inspired summer

My sister and I used to watch Shag over and over and over, wishing to one day go on a rebellious trip like the four Southern Girls . The other day I popped in the movie after not having watched it for at least five years and fell in love with the fashion - especially the retro swimsuits that are all the rage this summer. Since then I've been on the hunt for the perfect retro suit.

Here are my finds that I think Carson, Melania, Pudge and Luanne would proudly walk around Myrtle Beach in!

Jantzen - great price, only $80!

Adding this one a couple of hours later - love. From Hayden-Harnett

Look how gorgeous Marilyn looks in hers! Such a beauty!


Leigh said...

oh em gee! I used to watch that movie all the time, too!

Eddie said...

sometimes movies from childhood lose their luster when you see them after many years - that is absolutely not the case with Shag!