Friday, May 8, 2009

These Are My Secret Obsessions

I first discovered Etsy while I was wedding planning and I immediately felt a level of envy for the creativity that permeated the pages of this site. This is where I drop my guard and admit I am a sucker for anything and everything whimsical, lovely, romantic and/or creative. My creativity level amounts to a shadow box I made for my husband for our one-year dating anniversary. I scour Web sites looking for borrowed ideas and frequently fall in love with visionary crafts I could never come up with myself.

That doesn't stop me from making them my own though - my husband has received many a- rented homemade gifts that I gave my own twist. The feelings that crowd my heart when looking at sites like Etsy are indescribable, but this blog is an opportunity to come clean of the pieces of genius that quite often steal my heart (not just from Etsy, but we'll start there).

First up, an Etsy seller that made the flower and veil that I wore in my hair on 11-08-08. Don't fret, her pieces are for much more than nuptials -- these pieces are perfect for any special occasion. Without further ado, Myra. My current obsession is this flower belt that is perfect for any summer dress!

Here are the gorgeous pieces she made for my wedding day. I paid $90 for both things -- a steal considering the veil I originally had my eye on cost $250 in a bridal shop!

This next piece is chunky and classy and would make any LBD super duper swoon worthy! Visit DolorisPetunia's Etsy shop to see her other creations!

Next up is an area of creativity for which my lust meter reaches sky-high peaks - interior design. I often peruse site after site of gorgeous home decor with bright spots of color, gorgeous chandeliers and walls of framed art gorgeousness. Our next home is going to be my guinea pig for designs inspired by rooms like this:

And this:

And on a final note, music often acts as a lullaby for my creative cravings and this number sung by the lovely Adele (it is a Bob Dylan cover)makes my heart swell thinking of my sweet love. Enjoy!

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