Monday, July 27, 2009

heart thump

The lull in posts is a mixture of me being a bit occupied with some stuff (good stuff!) and trying to figure out what kind of posts are actually going to add value on the highly congested blogosphere.

Last week I, among millions of other Twilight fans, got a sneak peek at the next Twilight movie, New Moon, via a surreptitious Comic-Con attendee and their handy cell phone video feature. I am not ashamed to admit (OK, maybe a little ashamed, but you won't judge me, will you?) that the thump, thump of my heart increased to a THUMPTHUMPTHUMPEDITYTHUMP while watching the all-too short clips and as soon as they were over, I dashed out to Target to buy Twilight (why I didn't have it already, I am not sure) and watched it with as much fervor as the first time I saw it. When the movie was over I popped in the special features disc, which is a bit disappointing, save the feature on Robert Pattinson's musical contribution to the movie. Be still my THUMPING heart. The scene at the end of the movie when he fights James and that haunting song in the background is playing while scenes of Bella's life flash through her head, that scratchy, painfully sexy voice is of Mister RP.


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Olivia Rae said...

oh godd i love this! his voice makes me wanna cry. so beautiful.