Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lunchtime blog post

I've been inspired by fried goodness to craft a quick blog post during my lunch break.
That fried goodness looks like this:

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This Saturday I am heading to the State Fair of Texas and could not be more excited! While I'm actually on a pretty strict diet, I'm throwing dietary caution to the wind for a taste of the best corny dog you will find anywhere.

I can't wait to spend time with friends, bask in the glorious sun on Fair Park grounds (the weather is going to be bananas) and take in the smells of everything from sweet cotton candy to fried Frito Pie.

There is one small dark spot to an otherwise perfect bright picture of the day - my best friend, Shelly, had planned on making the trek from Florida (where she is rocking it in PA school) to Dallas for our annual State Fair of Texas trip, but the flights were astronomically high (don't get me started on airline ticket prices), so she won't make it.

Fret not, Shell Bell, I will revel in the Fletcher's Corny Dog for both of us!

Me and Shelly at the State Fair of Texas in 2008

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