Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dear Sofia (5 months),


Boy have you just blossomed! In the past month you've started responding to things that I say to you, songs that I sing and even the silly faces that I make in hopes that I'll get a laugh out of you! I can see your little brain working when I ask you what sound the cow makes and then go "Mooooooooo." I see how hard you are trying to make your Sophie la Jirafa go into your mouth. By the way you love that Jirafa and we've decided that it would be quite confusing to call it Sophie and then call you Sofi, so we just call it la Jirafa now. You are teething, hence your affinity for la Jirafa, but things have yet to get too bad. There's lots of drool and lots of rubbing your toys against your gums, but no real teething outbursts yet.

I am trying my best to only speak to you in Spanish since your teachers at school speak to you in English all day. I will be so upset at myself if you don't speak Spanish - there's no reason you shouldn't! I read you books in Spanish and sing to you in Spanish, as well. Your favorite song is "Un Barco Chiquitito," which we often replace lyrics for with things like, "Un patito chiquitito" or "Un Sofi chiquitita."

You are a rolling over machine and sometimes I think you are going to just take off crawling from the way you move your legs so much when you are on your tummy. The other day I turned my back for a second and you had pivoted all the way around from where you were! Oh boy, what will we do when you are mobile?

You are such a good sleeper! Since I went back to work, you've only woken up in the middle of the night twice. My brain thanks you for that! I still miss you immensely when I am at work and will sometimes sneak in a call to see how you are doing during the day. The teacher's response is always, "Oh Sofi is such a happy baby and is having a good day!"

Music really seems to soothe you. Your papi says that sometimes you'll sing along with the music he's playing on the way to school. And when you get a little fussy on the way home, you are always calmed by an up in the volume of the car stereo. I hope you will play an instrument or at least be able to carry a tune (unlike your very tone deaf mama).

We've had to move you to the "Toddler" side of your tub because your little body no longer fits in the "Infant" side. I love that you are growing and healthy, but I am also saddened by just how quickly these five months have flow by - what does that mean for the next few years? I will blink and in no time, you will be off to your first day of kindergarten. I can't think of that now or I'll send myself into a crying fit.

You love Peek-a-Boo and your musical snail that your abuelo Joaco and abuela Lydia got for you. Pretty much anything you get your hands on goes straight to your mouth and since you started reaching out for things, that includes everything within a six inch radius!

You are still nursing full time and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible! I love our time together and also I don't want to change the stinky poopie diapers that come with solid foods.

We took you on a plane ride this past weekend to visit your grandma and grandpa Medina, along with the rest of the Medina and Gomez families and you did so well! Your great grandma Fabi (nana) was so happy to meet you and just so in love with you. She's such a special lady, Sofi. I hope you will get to spend lots more time with her.

I prepared myself for the worst on the plane, but of course, you didn't come anywhere close to the things I thought up in my head.
My Sofi girl!
 Even though I prepared for a blow out or for you throwing up on me, you smiled the whole time (with the exception of five minutes on the way back - I think the descent may have hurt your ears. And even then you cried for five minutes and promptly passed out on my shoulder). The family couldn't stop talking about what a good baby you were and how happy you were! We are so so so very blessed!
Charming your cousins with your bald spot.
I keep growing in love with you more and more each day. I thank God for the chance to be your mama and can't wait for what the next month will bring!

I love you, sweet baby girl.

Your mama

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