Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do I Dare...

I've been flirting with a Fedora at Target for the past three weeks. I walk into the store and go near the aisle I know it's on, pretending to have an interest in the bold-colored purses, throwing furtive glances at the hat section, but keeping my focus on the scarves or chunky necklaces or whatever. Finally, I walk over and look around, making sure nobody is watching me try on the Fedora. I see a saleslady that I swear recognizes me, rolls her eyes and gives me a buy-it-already look. I sheepishly smile, look down and graze the top of the hat with my finger. Carefully, I pick it up and place it on my head. Truth be told, I have a bigger dome than normal, so sometimes hats fit me weird. I can't tell if I'm wearing the hat tipped down enough or high enough on my head. This is where I start to convince myself that I'll never wear it, I should just put it down and go get the strawberries and lean cuisines I came for. But I can't quite stop looking at my reflection in the mirror. I go so far as to put it in the basket, take a few steps and stop. I grab the Fedora, put it back where I got it and walk away.

I want it, I want it real bad, I don't know what's stopping me. I'm hosting a going away party for my BFF this weekend and would love to rock it with a sheer boho chic shirt, skinny jeans and some bold red lipstick. Do I dare? Do I dare return to Target, put the Fedora in my basket and actually make it to the
register? Woe is me.

I can't find a photo of my Fedora crush at Target, but here are some equally lusty pieces.

Eugenia Kim (whoa, what a price tag!) from Shopbop

Indestructible Fedora from Urban Outfitters

This Goorin Brothers Fedora is very Dick Tracy Zoot Suitish

And here's Brit Brit during her infamous five-wardrobe-changes-a-day period, making good use of a Fedora to cover up what was likely a messy weave.

To Fedora or not Fedora, that is one of the million-dollar questions of the week.

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