Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Eliza Doolittle Inspiration

First things first, who can help me with the photo and accompanying title of the blog at the top of the page? It seems there isn't a harmonious way to use my own photo and still show the title of the blog. I'm obviously missing something because I see many blogger blogs with beautiful photos and titles in the cutest fonts - now if only I can have the same thing! Can anyone help me?

Now that I'm done with my plea, let's move on to my most recent discoveries. Inspiration comes from My Fair Lady, which was playing on HDNet last night. The glitzy, glamourous and celestial wardrobe in the movie made me grateful that decorated hair pieces are in style again. Here are some of my favorites.

Urban Outfitters has a delectable selection of affordable and lovely head pieces, including this pretty flowery piece.

And this pretty feather headband that my sweet friend gave me last Christmas.

And of course Etsy is a never-ending treasure trove for Cage Veil pieces like this ruby red piece of perfection!

While these pieces aren't anywhere near as grandiose as the pieces worn in My Fair Lady, there's enough kick in them to feel a little Eliza Doolittleish!

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