Wednesday, June 3, 2009

neck charms

Every time I get on Etsy I'm mesmerized by the handmade goods that people dream up and make into reality. My bff recently purchased a dainty wishbone necklace that I wouldn't mind making my own. Before I cave and make us necklace twins, I decided to peruse the pages of the ridiculously talented Etsians.

This one from BeauandStella's Etsy shop is the front runner right now. I like that it's a spin on the traditional leaf necklace. This shop, admittedly, has many necklaces I'm lusting after.

MadebyStella's chunky gold necklace

FigsandGinger's lovebird necklace

eRosasjewelry auspicious bauble necklace

sweetVintage gold oak leaf necklace (I bought all of my bridesmaids gifts from here!)

J2Jewelry customizable banner necklace
What would you write on here?

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Kristin said...

Oh, I just adore that leaf necklace!!