Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sweaty, I mean hot yoga

Two years ago my friend and I signed up for a Bikram Yoga class - a 5 a.m. Bikram Yoga class. In August. In Dallas. What were we thinking? Well that's a questions we still ask ourselves. I had heard such positive things about Bikram and how it could really transform your body, help with flexibility and burn an insane amount of calories. So, I went with pretty high expectations and was sorely disappointed.

The studio we went to was a true Bikram studio, as opposed to other hot yoga studios where the instructors may not be certified by Bikram, nor do they necessarily adhere to the temperature standards. Well, our instructors were militant-like, barking at students they thought could push themselves more, yelling at students who took drinks of water out of turn and creating a hostile environment in a place that is meant to be serene and meditative. On top of that, the studio smelled horrible.

Now, I can understand that all that sweat in that kind of heat is going to create a smell, but this was the kind of smell that I had to slowly accustom my nostrils to as soon as I walked into the studio. It took at least five minutes to actually walk into the room where we practiced because my stomach turned so violently. The clothes I used for classes had to be thrown out after that month because the smell would not come out.

It's really a shame that the studio turned out to be such a negative experience for me. I liked practicing the poses and the intensity of the heat, but could not handle the instructors or the smell.

Well, now, I think sufficient time has passed and I am ready to give it another try. I've found a small studio that offers hot yoga twice a week with a very good first-month introductory deal. I hope this experience allows me to forget what happened two years ago and really settle into a regular regime. I'd love to be able to do this:

Or this!

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Olivia Rae said...

definitely give it another try!! bikram yoga is my favorite workout in the world.