Sunday, August 9, 2009

travel whimsies...

Before I got married, I discussed the children timeline with my husband. I wanted at least three years sans kids to enjoy married life, but mostly to travel. In that same discussion, I snuck in there that in those three years I wanted to do three trips: Spain, Greece and Italy. The truth is, I want much more than three, I want to travel the world, but realistically, I've been thinking about those three years and where I want to have gone with just my husband. I know there will be traveling with kids in tow, but it won't be the same. My three-year list is as follows.

Spain - I was an au pair in Madrid for four months, but I didn't get to travel to Barcelona or Seville. I'd like an itinerary that included all three cities.

Madrid's Plaza Mayor

Gaudi's as-yet unfinished Gaudi Cathedral

Flamenco dancers in Sevilla

Next on the itinerary is Greece. I'm a sucker for the stacked white buildings and brilliant rooftops that overlook the pristine water.

The beaches of Mykonos

The Parthenon Temple

Wine, cheese, olive oil and olives at a cozy cafe in Crete. Done.

Last of the three original trips is Italy. I think I'd be a little overwhelmed with knowing where to go, but I do know for sure I'd want to visit Tuscany. Yes, I'm a sucker for Under the Tuscan Sun.

Other trips I'd like to take include a three-or-four day trip in the autumn to see the bright colors of the fall foliage in the Northeast.

A trip across South America. Every country.

A stop in India and Bali (inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love).

OK so really, this list could go on and on and on. The world offers so many distinct landscapes, cultures, people, foods, traditions, etc. that it would be foolish, in my opinion, not to take advantage of them.

The last place I will mention is, at this point in my travels, my favorite place on this planet. The energy, the pulse, the people, the variety, the fashion, the food - everything about the city, from the grandiose to the miniscule - they all fill my insides with complete and utter happiness. I watch movies and TV shows just to get a fix, I research and plan hypothetical trips, I nag my husband constantly about wanting to go. Where, you ask, am I speaking of? Naturally, I am referring to New York City. I've been a handful of times and can never get enough. I truly do LOVE NY.


Summer, 27 said...

Last time I checked, Michigan is northeast of you, and I'd love to take you on a 'fall color tour' which would include driving, chatting, photog'ing, and even a winery or two should we be so eager.... :)

Eddie said...

I'm there! I pinky swear!