Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall is here!

The weather gods were smiling upon Dallas today and gave us the perfect first day of fall! A little drizzling rain and cool temps make me a happy girl!

I only ask one things of the fall - to give me a warm State Fair of Texas Day!
That's right, the State Fair of Texas is nearly here! Last year I had a countdown to the State Fair of Texas before I had one to my wedding. That is how much I love the State Fair of Texas.

Let me tell you why I love it.
1. Cotton candy to my hearts delight
2. Corny dogs from Fletchers (the only place to get a corny dog)
3. A full day of fun with my hizzle and my friends
4. Fun rides and silly games

If I continue listing more I may not be able to contain my excitement until October 10th, which is the day I have scheduled to give Big Tex a big howdy!

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