Monday, September 28, 2009

musically inept

Those are two words that much to my chagrin, best describe me.
I am, quite frankly, lacking of any musical talent.
In any way, shape or form.
Which is why I think I am so drawn to people with big bad amazing voices and/or mad dance skills.

Tonight while J was watching the Cowboys game I busted out singing this song (though not quite so beautifully) from one of my favorite movies:

J joined in half-way through, which is why we are so perfect together.

Singing that song led to the watching of this video:

And this video:

And then somehow I got here:

And here (excuse the subtitles):

And then I got really excited when I realized that Halloweenie is almost here, which means my DVD player will soon be spinning the Rocky Horror Picture show and I will be doing the Time Warp. Please join me.
Thanks for joining me on this musical journey. Please return to your regularly scheduled life.

PS Halloweenie costume sneak peek coming soon!

*The super high statistic regarding YouTube users who go to the site with intentions to just watch one video and end up watching at least two was validated yet again tonight.

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