Wednesday, October 14, 2009

can someone give me a big bankroll please?

It's been nearly a year since the most amazing day of my life - my wedding day. Lately I have been feeling super nostalgic about that day. Sad that it is over. In disbelief that it will never be again. Actually missing the wedding planning. A little jealous of people who still have their weddings to have (hides head in semi-shame).

It's just that it was such a beautiful day - I want to have a wedding every year! Alas, a smaller scale anniversary celebration is in the works and is currently super top secret. J doesn't know what I'm planning and won't until the actual day! I was worried that things wouldn't all fall into place for what I had up my sleeve, but the stars have aligned and absolutely everything is PERFECTO!

There are some minor details to figure out, but other than that, I am so excited to be with my sweet husband on that day!

If it wasn't so darn expensive to clean and preserve my dress, I'd so bust it out and put it on again.

Am I alone in my post-wedding sadness?

See more of my wedding photos (if you are super duper bored) at!

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Summer, 27 said...

Umm... want to plan my wedding?? Haha... we still have to talk location, budget, guests-- none of the fun stuff, but I promise you're welcome to offer any opinions while I'm planning!! ;) xoxo Love you girlfriend!