Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The State Fair of Texas 2009

Well, my wish for a warm State Fair of Texas day, which I asked for here, was put on the low priority list for the weather gods - I'm sure they meant to get to it, but for the first time in four years the sun was nowhere to be found at Fair Park on Saturday.

It didn't stop me from making a beeline to a Fletcher's Corny Dog stand and devouring the genius food-on-a-stick, not once, but twice. Sadly, there are no photos of the corny dog consumption.

I did however, catch J holding two beers (what, a surprise).
Ate fried butter (it was like a delicious biscuit)
A lone butter ball left
This goat gave us one look and went back to his food
This is Trey, the 1,100 lb pig. Yes, those are his cojones.
We said hi to Big Tex and he gave us big "Howdy" back.
And at last we had to say goodbye to the Texas Star until next year.
But not before one last cotton candy.

I want to go back on Sunday before it closes, but I have to convince J. Help me!

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