Sunday, October 18, 2009

caramel apple cider martinis, minus the apple cider

I am confident in my decision to have stayed in and watched the TX/OU game. Friends came over, brought us yummy grub from Whole Foods and we didn't have to fight traffic to get home after it was all over. Plus, with one touch of the remote, we were watching Texas Tech's victory over Nebraska!

Last week, Kelly from DesignCrush had a Caramel Apple Cider Martini recipe on her blog that I just had to try (you can see the post here)! As I was making the delicious libation, I realized that I had forgotten the Apple Cider part of the drink. Oops. It actually turned out to taste just fine without it though!

It's the perfect October drink - think candy apple in liquid form!

That night we had friends over for dinner too and baked an absolutely delicious blackberry pie - with fresh blackberries my friend Clint picked up that morning from the farmer's market. They were huge and plump and just perfect for baking into a pie!
It was such a lovely weekend with friends, football and amazing Dallas fall weather!


olivia rae said...

omg... can i please come next time? that is my perfect day! i want that heavenly looking pie too!!


Eddie said...

You are officially invited!

Brooke Premo said...

That blackberry pie looks delish!!