Monday, November 2, 2009

drooged out

Even though I blogged about our Halloween costumes (here) with much time to get them together, in true Erica form, I waited until the week before - specifically until four days before -to start the hunt for white shirts and jeans for me and J.

Who would have known that white jeans would be so hard to find? The first pair I bought J were women's jeans from Wal-Mart. He scoffed at wearing them and went on his own adventure to eventually find a pair that suited his needs. I admittedly hate digging for clothes in racks, so I stay away from the Rosses and Marshalls, but hit the jackpot at one of those for my pants! Top it off with a thermal I already owned, a bowler hat and cane from the Halloween Spirit store, some black nails, a fake eyelash and red lips and bam, you've got yourself a droog.

I was excited that we got qutie a few, "Ohhhh, Clockwork Orange, very cool," comments.

Here are a few pics of the night's festivities!

The final product

Kitty and Droog at Fashion Industry Gallery Fright Fete

We found a cronie!

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joacoma said...

They are Bowler (sp?) hats, not top hats! And we look good! :-)