Tuesday, November 3, 2009

all talk, no chop

UPDATE: My appointment has been made for today at 5:30. I'm la nervous!
Stephanie over at This Casita asked a big question, to chop or not to chop, something I've blogged about before and something, my friends will tell you, they turn off their hearing to when I bring up. I've been talking about chopping off my hair for over a year now and have yet to do it. I want something dramatic. My past two haircuts, I've come home and J has barely noticed - as a matter of fact, nobody notices! That's not a chop, that's a trim.

J says if I'm going to pay money for a haircut, it better be noticeable (he manages our money, can you tell?).

What I want, but not sure I can do (keep in mind, I have a round face).

Katie Holmes looks stunning in this photo. Her hair frames her face so perfectly!

Michelle Monaghan's longer version that perhaps my face could hang with.

And Nicole Richie's variation on bangs with a shoulder-length cut.

I kind of want to just go in tomorrow and do it. Have a new haircut for our second year of marriage. But can I walk the walk that I talk?


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I heart Nicole's cut, long enough to still feel sexy and short enough to give you the drama you want - I say go for it mamacita!

Anonymous said...

I too am pondering the idea of cutting my hair much shorter. I love Katie's cut but my hair which is very thick and wavy just wouldn't work :(