Friday, November 6, 2009

chop suey

I used to say the phrase chop suey all the time when I was younger.
My cousins and I loved it.
Now it's perfect to describe what I did to my hair last night.
I chop suey'd it.
For real.
Let's take a journey.
November 2008 two days before the wedding (the stress was getting to me).
November 2008 two weeks after the wedding
I had a couple of trims after that but nothing big

Septemper 2009 at a friend's wedding

Today. Ahhhhhhh.

Honestly, it's shorter than I wanted, but you know, it's just hair! It will grow back and I have so many other things in my life for which to be so grateful for! One of them is that handsome man standing next to me up there.

We are celebrating our one-year wedding anniverary this weekend and I cannot wait to surprise him with what I've been planning!

Have a faboosh weekend!

PS Sorry for the iPhone quality photos (I have the OG one)!


stephanie michele said...

I LOVE the cut...makes me want to chop mine again too! When I first cut mine I thought it was too short too, give it about 2 weeks and you will love it :)

lesley kay said...

happy anniversary! i just got bangs and i'm not so sure of them yet, but i'm sure within no time i'll love them. the short hair is cute!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I just had my cut last night by a new stylist and it's much shorter than it was and I love it. I still want to go a little shorter but don't want to shock my husband all at once!

Have a Blessed anniversary!

Summer, 27 said...

You look *gasp* beautiful!! I can't wait to see more pics (duh- I am a pics girl!) and I love love love you and am so happy that you had a stellar (and creative!) 1 year anniversary. You're too cute. I adore you you (and am thankful for YOU!) ... keep the life deets coming. I am thinking of starting a new bloggity-blog for my own life journey now that the ACL one is coming to a close! xoxo