Saturday, January 16, 2010


I thought I had managed to stave off any of the sickness that had been going around my office. I drink emergen-c at least once a day. I wash my hands and use anti-bacterial gel all the time. I've stayed away from my ailing co-workers. But alas, it has found me and made its presence known at the back of my throat.

So, I'm medicating with cough drops and Project Runway.
  • I love the length of Heidi Klum's hair, that's what I'm waiting for mine to grow out to
  • Seeing the clothes that the designers have already designed made me want to explore an affair I had once long ago with etsy (I may or may not have another tab open right now).
  • They are back in NY - yay! Now let's get me there and I'll be squared away!
  • I'm waiting until at least episode two to chose a fave - but I already know that Janeane Marie cries too much for me. Pull it together woman!
Later today J has planned a secret date for us and I am so excited! I've asked a million questions but he's keeping mum, which I love and hate at the same time, but secretly love more than anything!

Have a great Saturday!

Today's blessings
  • Hall's honey-flavored cough drops
  • The return of project runway
  • Saturday breakfasts

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