Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYE (a late recap)

I think I had the most fun I've ever had on New Year's Eve this past year. We had our friends over and that was so much less stressful than going out and fighting the masses.

It was a lovely night with the beautiful friends that we are blessed with in our lives.
There was plenty of food (even though I was stressing about running out of small bites) and liquor to spare (I never had to worry about running out of that - Joa made sure the bar was stocked).

I wore a $12 lace dress that I found at Lula B's, which was so much more gratifying than spending a lot of money on a dress that I won't wear again for a while because I'm particular about having the same dress on in pictures.

I brought out these moustaches that I made for some fun photos - I love the results.

Overall it was a great night. Cheers to 2011.

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