Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Challenge - Book Number One

I've started reading the first book of my Book Challenge 2011 - Gone with the Wind. It was the recommendation of my sweet friend Karin (Mattie P's mama). I read it in eighth grade, but decided to read it again since that was so long ago and I like to think that I can be a bit more astute about the underlying themes that Ms. Mitchell wrote about.

I'm enjoying the book so far but find myself thinking about the movie more than focusing on the content of the book. I need to find a way to separate the two and really concentrate on the contents of the book. It's just so hard to ignore the images of Vivian Leigh in the sprawling mounds of gorgeous tulle and her beautiful bonnets that pop into my head while reading.

Perhaps I don't have to. Perhaps I can find a way to marry the two and still enjoy the book as a classic piece of literature.

On a musical note, I heard this song on Parenthood (I heart that show) and can't get it out of my head. I really enjoy CBR's music.

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