Monday, July 30, 2012

It's a...

Girl! We cut into our cute Tart Bakery cake to find a delicious strawberry cake. Strawberry = pink = girl! Now that the cat's out of the bag, I have to come clean. Joa and I have known since last Tuesday. But it wasn't our choice to know! Our doctor made a booboo. So, after the sonogram, we had our sealed envelope and were going to race to Tart to place our cake order after the doctor's appointment. So, there we were in an examination room, teeming with curiosity, but resolute in our vow to wait until Sunday. The doctor comes in and asks how I'm doing, I reply with "Fine." And she replies with, "So you're having a girl!" Joa and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. The doctor must have thought we were nuts. Through my laughter I pointed to the envelope sitting on the counter and a look of horror registered on the doctor's face. She groaned, "Oh nooooooo." Joa and I calmed down and assured her that it was OK since we were going to find out on Sunday. She apologized a million times and said she had never done that before. Her nurse came in and the doctor told her what happened and she too proclaimed, "You've never done that before!" It was an honest mistake and really, how can you be upset (well, I'm sure some parents would be upset, especially if they weren't planning to find out at all, but we weren't in that boat.)?

We got through the appointment (and countless apologies from the doctor) and walked outside and I turned to Joa and said, "We're having a daughter." I got a little misty eyed and it really hit me that we are having a baby! The hard part now, was keeping it from all of our friends and family so they could enjoy a surprise. And we managed to do it (well, I did spill the beans to my sister, I couldn't help it!). And even though I knew, I got really nervous right before we cut into the cake. It was really special to have our friends there and I felt so much love from them - we have a really wonderful group of friends! Also, we had three iPads set up on the table in front of the cake so we could FaceTime with my parents, Joa's mom and his sister. We totally could have been an Apple commercial.

Now the fun begins! I'm ready to order furniture and design the nursery! I'm sorry if you follow me on Pinterest and you see nothing but nursery items! Off to baby girl land I go!

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Stephanie Hain Torres said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We're hoping to find out Friday!