Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Today is a day of firsts! My first day back at work and the first day of spring. Spring in Dallas is lovely - the temperature is pleasant and patios beckon. We like to take advantage by having windows down in the car and doors flung open in the home.

Many of my experiences this year will be firsts, as I will experience them with Sofia in tow. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to this spring.

1. Walks in our neighborhood
2. Saturday morning walks on the Katy Trail and then a yummy brunch on a patio with a bloody mary, perhaps.
3. Patio dining for dinner and perhaps a happy hour...
4. Patio dining on our deck in the back yard
Enjoying drinks on our deck last spring. The backyard needs some major work. On a side note, this is the day before I found out I was pregnant!

5. Blanket time with Sofia in the front yard
6. Wedges (and the accompanying pedi needed to sport the wedges) I like these, these and these (all under $80!).
7. Though I love the sunshine, I do love a good thunderstorm that rolls through Dallas during spring. The day after, it feels like the sky has been peeled of an old layer of skin and is shinier and brighter than the day before.
8. Visits to Klyde Warren Park and yummy noms from Nammi food truck
9. Weekends with the windows and doors open and Joa's choice of music playing while we make breakfast
10. Shaved ice at the best spot in town - Doc's! This is the best shaved ice in Dallas - don't get it twisted.

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Whitney said...

These all sound delightful! Let's do them all this spring! Love you!