Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dear Sofia (4 months)


I still can't believe that you are mine sometimes. It's surreal to walk into your room, look into the crib and see you there. You are a tiny human! A tiny human who looks just like your papi. Which, I am OK with because you are two of the most beautiful people I know.

You've been at daycare for just over a month now and have adapted so well. Your teachers love you and for the first few weeks couldn't stop gushing about how they'd love to have a classroom full of Sofia's. Though it is still hard to think of you being there and not with me every day, I feel at peace with our decision to leave you there while I work to be able to contribute to our family.

Smiles, belly and baby rolls.
You have started to reach for things that I dangle in front of you. Your little brain is working so hard to make your hand reach up and put your tiny fingers around whatever it is you see. It's so fascinating to watch. You love, love, love your papi. You light up and give him the biggest smile the minute you see his face. It fills my heart with so much love, I almost feel as though it could burst.

You still love bath time and are at a point where you don't really fit in the tub we have for you as a "newborn," but don't quite have the neck strength for the "toddler" position. You are getting there though! We spend time in your bumbo to strengthen those muscles and I know your teachers are working with you on it, as well. Tummy time isn't your favorite, but you still practice with me for a bit before getting fussy.

Just yesterday you rolled over for the first time from the back to the front! You did it at school, so I didn't see it, but we practiced when we got home and you nearly did it again! You are so strong!

I haven't quite heard a full-on laugh from you, but yesterday I got a string of giggles before you passed out while I hurried around Target for a few things. And I can't forget the drool. Drool everywhere. Your hands are always in your mouth as you try to sooth those gums that are getting ready to sprout little teefus!

You bring us so much joy, Sofi. I try to take mental pictures of you all the time so that when you are 13 years old and don't want anything to do with me, I can close my eyes and picture the sweet girl with her gummy smile, big cheeks and the sweetest round little belly that almost everyone I know says they love.

With all my love,

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