Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time After Time

Whew, what a difference time really does make. I'm just over two months into my new job and feeling much more at ease. The knots in my stomach on the way to work are gone. My (professional) confidence is inching its way back slowly but surely. And save for one major panic attack (I'm talking crying in the bathroom and all) I feel like I'm finding my place here.

I've learned so much in these two months, which has really helped me in knowing that this was the right move for me. That and reminding myself that God put me here for a reason, of course.

My last post was a bit dramatic, but those emotions were real and part of the adjustment to a new job. And will I be riddled with insecurity from time to time? Sure. It's part of growing and learning I think. But will I let it drive me to my blog for a pityfest? Well, let's hope not!

Onward and updward!

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