Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I forgot five...

I looked back at my post and realized that I totally skipped day five. And owe eight and nine. So, here it is.

5. Spotify. I'm not a DIE hard music fan. I don't have super eclectic taste and don't seek out those unnamed bands that nobody knows about but are super cool. I'm a fan of Top 40, get some of my music from Joa's Rolling Stone subscription, listen to classical about 60 percent of the time I'm in my car, love Britney Spears and can listen to the same album over and over without getting tired of it. Suffice it to say, it doesn't take much to please me in the music department. But I do like a little variety while I'm at work and I was getting sick of Pandora's inability to correctly gauge my music genre. Plus, those 40 hours run out pretty quickly when you forget your music playing, but on mute during meetings and conference calls. I've tried,, Grooveshark, etc. I was never satisfied. In comes Spotify. I can build playlists without time restrictions, listen to the same artist, album or even song over and over. And if I'm feeling too lazy to find my own music, I can poach playlists that my friends have built. It's a music match made in heaven. I don't think that you need an invite anymore, but if that's the case, let me know and I'll send one your way!

My hizzle in Spain this summer

8. Joa: Yesterday was my three year wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that three years ago I was engaged. I was preparing for my wedding. I was still calling Joa my fiancé. We've enjoyed a relatively easy three years. We experienced a few bumps in the road our first year (we were laid off within one week of each other and then I was unemployed for nearly six months), but other than that, I've fallen more in love with him, I've learned things about him that I didn't know before, I've become more comfortable with him, I've continued to find myself attracted to him, he's supported me, he's encouraged me, he's called me on my BS, he's helped me grow, he's loved me no matter what, he's given me BAM moments (our version of butterflies) and he's just overall been a really good husband. I knew when I was 18 that I wanted to marry Joa. I told my mom. I'm so blessed that it turned out I was right. I love you, baby.

9. Cheese: Speaking of anniversaries, Joa and I went to Rise for dinner last night to celebrate our little milestone. It's a super quaint restaurant with a rustic cottage feel with fare that mostly consists of soufflés. But what stood out to me more than our main course and even dessert was the amazing international cheese cart that was presented to us. A veritable feast of cheeses with a presentation that rivaled the experience of eating the cheese. We chose three cheeses and enjoyed them with crostinis, olives, a raspberry spread, candied pecans and dates. I savored every bite while sipping prosecco. If you live in Dallas, I highly recommend Rise for a date night.

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