Monday, November 7, 2011

Six Pick Up Sticks Seven...not yet Eight

Blogger for the iPhone isn't very friendly. Hence, no day five blog post yesterday. We were in Houston for a wedding over the weekend and while I was glad to get away, it was most definitely tiring. Next Sunday (through no fault of my own) we are hosting a potluck for a few (read: a lot) of our neighbors. After a slew of break-ins I told Joa that it was time to get to know our neighbors and rather than just have a few people at a time, I coordinated with my neighbor, left her in charge of the invite list, and 15 custom invites later, our home will play host to casseroles, shishkabobs and baked goods. As if that wasn't enough, I decided to tack on a few home projects before people come over. So, there's been a little bit of stress to say the least. However, I'm just going to take it one thing at a time. That's allllllllll I can do. For realla realla. Without further ado six and seven:

6. My home: I didn't like our home when we first saw it. We had seen probably 80 homes and I was tired. I was looking for something that didn't really exist. But after a few prayers and several persuasive arguments from Joa, I knew it was the home for us. And every day for a year, I have fallen more in love with it. Our wood floors, the way they creak from the steps of the families that have lived here before. The black door that is easily distinguishable from the street and radiates extreme heat in the evenings when the sun is setting in the west. The wood-burning fireplace, painted wood panel walls in the living room, the master bedroom that's a little too hot in the summer and a lot too cold in the winter, the counter in our spare bathroom that resmbles a butcher block and even our 1970's blue tile in the master bedroom. I love it all and I realize what a blessing it is to have a home to come home to and a roof over my head when I sleep at night.

7. Cauliflower: This is short and simple. I currently am obsessed with oven roasted cauliflower. A little olive oil, kosher salt, fresh-ground pepper and a dash of cayenne are the perfect side to any dinner. Try it. It's delish.

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