Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Way behind...

The point of my thankful posts was to actually log on every day and write about something I'm grateful for, but clearly that didn't happen. At the very least, I vow to see this little project through, even if it means listing 10 things in one day! Here goes.

10. My Kindle: Joa got me a Kindle for Three King's Day this year and I just love it. Though I still love the feel of an actual book in my hands, the Kindle is just so handy. It traveled with us to Spain, it was my constant companion during my "Hunger Game" reading days, it fits in my purse and you just can't beat the book prices (tons of free books = score). If you are considering an e-reader and are just looking for one to read (not an all-in-one iPad), I highly recommend the Kindle.

11. Water: This seems like an obvious thing to be thankful for, but I think it's something we all take for granted sometimes. The fact that we have access to clean drinking water whenever we want, to water for showers and water for washing the dishes. It pains my heart that others around the world have to ration their water, have to drink dirty water or just don't have it at all. I am most definitely thankful for H2O.

12. Ginger Snaps from World Market: I just did a quick search and couldn't find them on the World Market website. Boo! But let me tell you, these little treats are so addicting! They come in a decorative tin and I'm not lying when I say I could eat the whole thing in one sitting. They are so flavorful and really put me in the holiday season!

13. Friends: I could write on and on about how thankful I am for each of my friends. I am insanely blessed in that department. God had placed wonderful people in my life, each one offers something different than the others and if I take a step back, it's easy to see why God put each of them in my life when He did. I really have a true support system, understanding, love and tons of laughs with my friends. I could never really express just how thankful I am for each of them.

14. Laughing: Speaking of laughs, I'm so thankful for laughing. I do it a lot. And sometimes it's really loud. But I don't care. It's wonderful to just get it out there sometimes. I love giggling, snorting, clutching my stomach from laughing so hard, letting out a scream before I laugh, squeezing out a few tears from an especially good laugh and even a hearty chuckle. Thankfully, I have plenty of people in my life that make me laugh!

15. Family: Immediate and extended alike. I'll start with my immediate. I'm not quite sure what I would do without my parents, sister and brother. My mom and dad are seriously bananas. I'm so thankful for the relationship that I have with them. I can pick up the phone and call anytime and they are there to listen, encourage and just love me. Like all families, we have our moments of frustration and there has been plenty of eye-rolling (my dad used to ask me if my eyes hurt whenever I rolled my eyes), but who doesn't have that in their family? The important thing is that we are there for each other. My siblings and I are all pretty different from each other and while it has taken me (and sometimes still does) some time to understand those differences, I see how beautiful and wonderful they are. We are bound to each other by a love that cannot be broken and for that I am so, so, so thankful. My extended family is, well, quite extended. My mama has NINE sisters and my dad has two sisters and one brother, so the tias and tios and cousins abound. I love the memories I have of playing with 10 or 15 cousins, that we all still keep in touch (for the most part), that we can go back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and catch up like no time has passed at all and that we are a loud Mexican family that loves to eat, sing and dance together (OK, that's mostly Gomez right there!). I am thankful, thankful for all of my grandparents, though I only have my Grandma Fabi left here with us. My big family is one of the reasons that I think about having a big family - I want my children to have those same memories of playing with their cousins, creating ties with their siblings that can't be explained and passing on our family traditions to their children, so that the Gomez/Medina families live on.

More to come soon...

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