Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I am, I really am...


Mofongo (don't knock it until you try it).

What mascara does to my eyes.

Thankful for so much. I just didn't get around to finishing the blog post about some of the things I am so thankful for. So, here it is, a month late and in an abbreviated form.

16. My iPhone: I am obsessed with my iPhone. I had the original one in 2007 and upgraded to the 4 last year. I don't care what anyone says, this phone is amazing and I wouldn't trade it (except for a newer one, of course) for anything.

17. Books: I vowed to read more in 2011 and I think I did a pretty good job. I was a bookworm when I was younger and it kind of tapered off as I got older. But I do love what a good book offers me - an escape, some solace, investment in characters I'll never meet, exercise for my imagination, etc.

18. My godsons (all four of them): I'm not the best nina in the world. I don't call as much as I should (for those godsons that are far away) and I am guilty of only sending gifts on important occasions sometimes, but I love my godsons so much. I'm grateful that their parents see me as someone they want in their children's lives in that very special role.

19. Chick-fil-A: Yes, they are a client, but even before that, I could not get enough of those tasty nuggets and waffle fries. I have memories of going to Chick-fil-A in El Paso at Sunland Park Mall and devouring a four-pack nugget meal with BBQ and Polynesian sauce. Mmmm, mmmm good.

20. My car: I'm grateful that I have a car at all. And I'm doubly grateful for one with a GPS system (I got lost for four years in Lubbock and it is on a fool-proof grid), seat warmers, a sun roof for those lovely Dallas days when the temp is just right, an A/C that works for those horrid Dallas days when the temp is too high and even a DVD player that I've come to accept as part of the package (it was too mommyish for me initially, but one day my little bbs will love it, I'm sure).

21. Puerto Rican food: I lucked out to have lived in PR for a good number of years for many reasons, but mostly for the food (and for the husband, of course). Arroz con gandules, habichuelas or whatever other bean you prefer, tostones, mofongo, pasteles, bacalaito, medalla, coquito, pinon, amarillos, quenepas, mayoketchup, quesitos and any of the other fried foods you find on the island. I'm thrilled to married to a man who can make most of the good stuff and to have a mother-in-law who makes up for what he can't make on her visits here.

22. Nail polish. That is all.

23. Clean sheets: I love getting into the bed on that first night after changing the sheets. I wish I had the time to wash my sheets every day. That would probably get expensive, with all that water for just sheets. Joa would probably not be happy when he got the water bill. But, he'd have clean sheets.

24. My camera: I just got back my camera (well not really got back but I misplaced the battery charger and didn't get around to buying one for a while) and am so sad to not have had it with me for some really important occasions. I always felt like I was missing out on opportunities to take photos that one day I wanted my children to be able to look at. Photos are such an important part of capturing memories, passing on memories, passing on traditions even. It's great to have a phone with a camera, but I don't think I'd ever replace a point and shoot with my iPhone camera.

25. My Chi: My hair has become accustomed to being straightened and now it won't do the pretty, half wave/half curl thing it used to do. So, when I let my hair air dry, I get remarks from Joa like, "What's wrong with your hair?" Or, "Your hair looks craaaaaaazy." So, my gratefulness for the chi is a bit double edged. I'm grateful for the fact that I have it now or my hair would be a gross mess every day. But I'm perturbed that I developed a habit of using it all the time, which has led me to why I am grateful for it in the first place. Does any of this make sense?

26. Mascara: My eyelashes are long, but not like, ohhhhh...look at her long, pretty, eyelashes. They are more like, ohhhhh, look at her long eyelashes that stick straight out. Hence, I need mascara and a curler for that matter. I'm thankful that someone, somewhere mixed bat poop with all the right ingredients and created a black smear that keeps my eyelashes somewhat out of my eyes.

27. Wine. Duh.

28. My brain: It's not always properly functioning, but it's there and it makes a valiant effort.

29. I'm stumped here. I mean I know there's something out there I can list here, but I'll let you think of what YOU are thankful for in this slot.

30. God. He's the reason I'm alive. The reason I breathe. The reason I can move all of my limbs and can see and hear and taste and smell. He's the reason I have all of the 29 things I listed. He's the reason I am forgiven and have everlasting life. He's the reason. The reason for everything.

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