Friday, January 27, 2012

oh na, na, what's my name?

I honestly don't know why I chose "Whimsical Release" as my original blog title. Well, I guess I do like all things whimsical and I was thinking this blog would be a release for me. So, I guess I do know how I came about the name, but, it just doesn't fit me and my life anymore. So I've been thinking about a name change for a while. Every blog I read has such a clever name, I didn't want to haphazardly re-name my blog. So, I gave it some time. And some thoughtful consideration. And then I chose the name on a whim. Story of my life.

My family and close friends call me Eddie. Erica in spanish is pronounced Ed-e-ca. Remove the "ca" and it's Ed-e. Remove the "e," like my college roommate did and it's just "Ed." See what I did there?

So, welcome to a new year and to my abbreviat [ed] life!

Speaking of nicknames, do you remember Eddie Pinetti from the Wonder Years? Growing up I watched this show with my family every week. I was in lurve with Kevin. Eddie Pinetti was a bully in one (or maybe several?) episodes and while I was the furthest thing from a bully, my family started calling me Eddie Pinetti. I love that they still do. It makes me smile to think that I have a Wonder Years-inspired nickname.

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