Sunday, November 25, 2012

Four Weeks Left! Whaaaaaaaat?!?

I cannot believe that in about four weeks, our baby will be here. Time has absolutely flow and I know that with the holidays, it will go by so quickly. I always feel like the year flies by after Thanksgiving. I still can't believe that Thanksgiving is over! For months the long weekend was the time I was going to use to do all of the last-minute stuff for Sofia. And now it has come and gone! We were able to get most everything done and now it's pretty much a waiting game.
One of the things we did this weekend was get her changing station ready on the dresser!

We had a really low-key Thanksgiving - my sister and her boyfriend came over and we feasted. I don't like turkey so Joa smoked a ham and we had all the regular yummy sides.
Our spread!
There had to be a pecan pie!
My sista! She's barefoot because with her heels it looked like Gandolf next to a very pregnant hobbit.
Our family of almost three!
Before eating - don't let the belly fool you.
I'm going to the doctor every week now, which means that I'm getting "checked," if you know what I mean. That part is most uncomfortable and poor Joa is already traumatized by that - what on earth will happen when he's in the room and a baby comes out of my lady bits? When the doctor was checking to see if I was dilated (1 cm and 50% effaced), he stood up and came up and held my hand without me saying anything. Poor thing.

In addition to going to the doctor every week now, I'm also grunting and moaning with almost every movement. I don't even care if I do it in public anymore. That's not true, I keep the grunts to a minimum in public, but I'll let out a low moan without a second thought. Sore is the only word that comes to mind. And nothing has even come out of there. But really, I am feeling pretty good, I know that others have much more complicated pregnancies, so I thank God for a relatively easy pregnancy. I really have so much to be Thankful for.

In addition to all of the baby stuff we did this weekend, we also snuck in a performance of the Nutcracker. We have gone very year since 2007, when Joa proposed at intermission, and had originally planned to take this year off. However, I am signed up for Event Alert, a seat filling service, and got an email about $18 tickets, so we decided to snatch them up. You don't know where your seats are going to be, but we got lucky and sat on the main floor in the terrace - perhaps the best seats we've ever had at the cheapest price! One of the reasons we weren't going to go this year was because we've seen the same production of the Nutcracker for four years, but this year it was all new - from the sets and costumes to the dancing and special effects, which made it all the more worth it.
I cannot believe Joa proposed almost five years ago!
Our view of the stage.
And now, here we are, welcoming Christmas 2012 and very close to welcoming our daughter - DAUGHTER, to the world. Whoa. Sometimes that hits me and I get really emotional. There's a HUMAN BEING in my belly. I would say tiny human being, but she isn't tiny. At 36 weeks, I was measuring 42 weeks. "Doesn't that mean I should have had my baby two weeks ago? Oh no? You want me to wait until I measure 48 weeks and then deliver? Sure!" Said no vagina ever.

On that note - I'll leave you with two of my favorite things about Christmas (OK, I really have a lot more favorite things, but these are the ones I captured in a photo).

Tis the season for Candy Cane Kisses!
I love him. And Christmas trees.

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Summer said...

Amazing, wonderful, lovely and fabulous. Not exactly in that order! :) I love you, am so excited for you and J, and you guys will be a-mah-zing parents. :) Enjoy the holidays, the grunting and the last-minute plans.. It will be a time you'll look back on fondly but once you have baby girl in your arms, you'll never want to go back!! xoxox